Super-Abled Comics

Super-Abled Comics book

In July of 2019, a group of 5 limb-different friends and I released Super-Abled Comics – a comic anthology full of superheroes with disabilities! Made up of six individual stories written by creators with limb differences, Super-Abled was created to increase inclusion and representation for those with disabilities in comics.

My story in the anthology, titled Rebuilt, follows a young woman named Natalie. Intent on rebuilding her life after losing an arm and leg, Natalie seeks the help of a daring young scientist. As a result, she gains bionic limbs – along with mysterious powers.

Each story in the book gives a fresh take on superheroes. Moreover, with different powers, abilities, and challenges to overcome, each character helps empower those with disabilities!

I am very excited with how this project turned out, and I look forward to the future of Super-Abled and Rebuilt as a series! You can find Super-Abled alongside my other books in my Shop!